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Wi-Fi at the rec center, ice fishing at the lake

Things have gotten to the point where people have more hand-helds than hands to hold them. Today, when a cell phone or smart phone goes off at the recreation center, most of the members are likely to think its owner is an inconsiderate boob. Remember when a beeper would go off in church or at a dinner party, we’d assumed it was a doctor being called to a medical emergency?

While we realize that some members like to have their cell/smart phones on, we strongly encourage you to keep the ringer on vibrate. Please do not carry on a conversation if there are other users in the same room. If you must take an important call, consider stepping into the foyer. Or, keep the conversation brief and speak in a lowered tone.

Along the lines of technology, the recreation center now has Wi-Fi. Members with smart phones may obtain the password from the front desk in order to stream in their favorite music.

Chinese New Year

On Monday, I will observe the Chinese New Year, a 15-day celebration of the start of the Chinese lunar calendar. It is also popularly known as the Spring Festival because it starts the beginning of spring.

This coming Year of the Water Dragon is a once-in-sixty-year’s occurrence in the Chinese Zodiac — which may be a bit different from the traditional 12-year cycle you are familiar with from the place mats at Chinese restaurants. The Dragon, a representation of the Chinese Emperors, is bold and fierce (better described as short-tempered). By contrast, The Water Dragon is calm and full of sympathy.

I was born in the Year of the Water Dragon, sixty years ago. Unless I live to be a 120, I won’t see the Water Dragon again.

My most enduring memory of Chinese New Year as celebrated in my home in Malaysia is the deafening staccato of firecrackers. My father, always one for a big celebration, be it Christmas, Deepavali, Ramadan or Chinese New Year, would always, on the eve of Chinese New Year, burn a one-mile long roll of firecrackers. It went on for half the night! The logistics of getting it to the roof from where it is hung to perform its noisy magic of warding off evil spirits is a celebration of the human respect for tradition.

Ice fishing

Mark your calendars for Saturday, Jan. 28. That is the date of the annual Pagosa Lakes Winter Ice Fishing Tournament. The tournament will take place at Village Lake, 9:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

Tickets are available for the pre-purchase price of $10 at Eagle Mountain Mercantile, the Pagosa Lakes Recreation Center and at the PLPOA Administration Office (temporary location at 46 Eaton Drive). Tickets will be available on tournament day for $15, at the lake.

All ticket revenue will be used for cash prizes for largest fish by weight categories for trout, bass, perch and crappie, and a separate grandslam category for combined weight of any four species. There will be hundreds of dollars in cash prizes.

Kids 16 and under fish for free and there will be separate winning categories for them that will include some great fishing-related prizes.

Please remember to dress warmly and in layers and don’t forget the sunscreen. The main check-in location will be located on Northshore Circle on the north side of the lake. Please enter the lake centrally off of Northshore Circle and respect private property surrounding the lake. If you have any questions about the tournament, call the association offices at 731-5635, Ext. 4.

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