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Stolen guns recovered, arrests made in burglary

Twelve guns taken during the burglary of an Arboles home have been recovered and two suspects are now working their way through the court system.

At about 7 p.m. on Dec. 20, a confidential informant contacted Archuleta County Sheriff Deputy Brandon Bishop concerning possible stolen property taken from a house on Colo. 151, near Arboles, reported Det. Lando Garcia of the ACSO.

That informant, Garcia said, reported to Bishop that a woman, Tammy Sullivan, wanted to talk to him because she had property belonging to a man, Lambert Gachupin, 27, at her house.

According to Garcia, Sullivan said Gachupin was storing property at her house, but that she was unaware of what the property was until she heard the informant discussing the burglary.

After hearing of the burglary, Sullivan looked at the property, which was reportedly stored under a blanket in her cellar, and discovered 12 guns.

Bishop and Garcia responded to the scene, where the 12 guns and two iPods taken in the burglary were recovered.

Garcia said jewelry taken in the burglary was not recovered.

In the process of the investigation other individuals, including Lisa Williams, stepped forward with information.

Williams reported that she had stayed at the burglarized home in Arboles for several days with a friend.

While there, Williams reported that Gachupin, her boyfriend, had visited the house and “checked the house out,” Garcia said.

Later, Gachupin reportedly told Williams he was going to rob the house and needed a ride.

Garcia said the pair allegedly received a ride from Nahtana Sell to the home in order to burglarize it.

Gachupin and Sell were arrested on charges of second-degree burglary.

In court Tuesday, Gachupin seemed eager to move along in the court process.

“Can you throw an offer at me so I can go to DOC (Department of Corrections)?” Gachupin asked, stating his willingness to sign an offer extended by the District Attorney’s office.

No offer was signed during the hearing, however.

After Gachupin discussed the matter with his attorney, a Jan. 17 court date was set to further consider the matter.

New Mexico court information indicates Gachupin recently completed a sentence in the New Mexico Department of Corrections on robbery charges dating back to 2008.

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