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Fill your bird feeders and join the bird count

The Weminuche Audubon Society first annual Christmas Bird Count is Monday, Jan. 2.

Local and out-of-town birders will be birding, watching and counting birds seen in a 15-mile circle around Pagosa Springs.

Bird feeders and the birds that use them are important places to count birds. Fill your feeder each day the week before to give birds time to find your feeder.

Christmas Bird Count volunteers will count what they can see from the road, but you can provide access to your property, so counting can be more accurate.

You can also count your own bird feeder birds the day of the count. Pick a specific time to count and count everything you see. Submit your tally to the Weminuche Audubon Society.

The official winter bird checklist can be found at Use this list to record what you see. This is the 112th count for Audubon and it will be done continent-wide. All data is used to determine conservation plans to protect our winter birds and their habitat. Please, join us.

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