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You had me at ‘hello’

Hello 2012!

Do you remember some of the favorite lines from Jerry McGuire?

We are entering 2012 and it is time to say, “You had me at hello,” and “Show me the money!”

It is time to launch this book. I spent one year writing it, and now it is time to let the world read it.

What am I saying goodbye to in 2011? My family says I have become very dull. My marketing coach, Mikey, says I am even more boring on Facebook.

I thought I had a balanced life; apparently not, according to the people around me.

I had three things on my mind this past year: my book, my website and football.

I thought I had made great strides writing a 97,000-word novel, and not only that, I learned how to set up a website and maintain it. I posted four or five entries a week, and I also bonded with my grandsons over football.

Mikey tells me in order to launch this book I have to become social on the Internet. To be accused of being boring on Facebook is a low blow. People talk about their dogs, getting a haircut and what they ate for breakfast; now, to me, that’s boring.

I fancied myself in thinking that, after all, I posted important content weekly, such as mini-art lessons, Bible studies and Market Journal Leader postings.

On Facebook, Mikey says people do not want to be taught Bible studies or how to paint. It is all about interacting, becoming interesting and being interested, getting into other people’s lives and being interested in them.

I have been working with Mikey, a marketing coach, for the past six months. He believes I can sell 2,500 books in 12 months.

What do I say?

“Show me the money.”

Mikey says start by posting a daily diary telling every thing you will experience in selling 2,500 books in 12 months. Call it a Diary.

A Diary? I remember having a diary when I was 12 years old. The little yellow diary with the brass key holding my deepest secrets, such as so and so looked at me. Back then, I would have died if anyone read my words.

Now, Mikey wants me to post a diary for the whole world to see.

He wants me to write about my drama, frustration and pain.

This reminds me of another quote from Jerry McGuire: “Have you ever gotten the feeling that you aren’t completely embarrassed yet, but you glimpse tomorrow’s embarrassment?”

So I told Mikey, “I’ve already shown the hole in my shoe to Pagosa in my weekly columns, now you want me to tell everyone about my rejections, every sell and every feeling?”

“Yes, and more than that, I want you to document every sell and who you sold it to, the results of that sell and pray for each one of them. This journey is not about generating money, but it is the opportunity of creating 2,500 new client relationships. It is building confidence and self-validation. It will also increase credibility in the marketplace for you. If you listen to me, you will launch your book.”

Mikey says, “This is where most people fail. They need to ask themselves,‘Why am I in business and what business am I in?’ Until they know that, they will fail.”

Another question is this: “How can you bring value to others if you do not get your book into their hands? That is why you spent the last 12 months writing it, isn’t it? There is a world of hurting artists and writers out there with a book or art. Their problem is that they have failed to launch.

“It is time to stop being the writer and become the businessman. That is your problem, and also theirs. I have read what artist and writers are saying on forums and chat groups. They are all hurting. They all have the same story.”

So my question to Mikey is, “And all this stuff is going to sell books and show some of my artist and writer friends how to sell theirs?”

“Yes, I’ve been in business for thirty years, and I know what I am talking about.”

Good point. So as of Jan. 1, I will be posting a daily “Open Diary” on my website. It will tell the world all about my Drama, Frustration and Pain. Like Jerry McGuire, I am getting the feeling I’m not completely embarrassed yet, but I am getting a glimpse of tomorrow’s embarrassment. I will also give detailed information how I sold 2,500 books in 2012. See my Open Diary at

Final brushstroke! The world validates a person’s success by money, but it is all about bringing value to others.

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