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What is a Band-O-Rama?

The newly-formed Pagosa Springs Symphonic Band, under the sponsorship of the Music Boosters, will host the first-ever “Pagosa Springs Band-O-Rama” on Saturday, March 24.

Featured groups, and thus the name “Band-O-Rama,” include bands of the Pagosa public schools and the Pagosa Springs Symphonic Band. Music will include some of your favorite Sousa marches, solos by many of the Symphonic Band musicians and patriotic music with a large chorus.

There are two ways an individual may find out more about “Band-O-Rama.” If you are currently a band student in Pagosa Springs, the Symphonic Band would like to invite you to be a part of our organization for this concert. Please obtain a referral from your band director, and he or she will make the contact for you. Are you a more “mature” person? If so, please make contact using the information provided at the conclusion of this article.

Rehearsals are held every Monday, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the high school music room. The first rehearsal will be on Jan. 16. On the third rehearsal, auditions will be held to determine performance eligibility and to determine part assignments.

The deadline for making application is Jan. 6. Why so early? Folders of music must be prepared for each individual in the band, and our librarians need time, as each folder will contain many different musical selections.

The second way to find out more about “Band-O-Rama” is to put March 24 on your calendar. The concert will begin promptly at 7 p.m. in the high school auditorium. You are promised an entertaining and enjoyable evening, so plan now to be a part of the first-ever Pagosa Springs “Band-O-Rama.”

Either make the proper contact and start practicing now, or put the date on your calendar and begin saving for the modest admission charge. All proceeds are used to further performing arts education here in town.

Larry Baisdon, co-director of the Symphonic Band, said “We were very pleased at the response the band received at the December premiere concert. We are confident the Band-O-Rama program will be even more exciting, both for the players and the audience.”

“I am very hopeful that many more players will become members of the Symphonic Band. Our musical standards will remain high, but we remain confident in the growth of the ensemble, both in numbers and musicianship,” said co-director Bill Gottschalk.

Please contact the Pagosa Springs Symphonic Band at

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