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Local 4-H needs project leaders

Some readers may not know, but leaders are a huge part of the 4-H program.

Leaders are the building block of 4-H — they make this youth program a success.

They are volunteers who come forward to lead these children to be the best they can possibly be. Right here in Archuleta County we have six leaders who lead our 4-H clubs, plus there are more than 20 projects that have leaders as well. Leaders put in tons of hours to provide knowledge to the younger generation.

There are a tremendous number of leaders in the 4-H organization all over the world. It is quite amazing. They are the examples our 4-H members look up to.

Leadership plays a big role in this program and without it the program and its participants will go nowhere. 4-H members sign up to receive knowledge in other aspects of life they may not get in school, such as cake decorating. They learn how to decorate from the beginning to the end. And some of these kids go on and take cake decorating skills and use them as a career. And cake decorating is not the only project a local youngster can sign up for; there are many other projects offered here at Archuleta County.

We have a couple projects for which we need leaders. They are cake decorating, leather craft and rocketry. Anyone interested should call the Extension Office at 264-5931.

The Archuleta County Extension Office will be closed Dec. 26 as part of the Christmas holiday.

Check out our webpage at for calendar events and information.

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