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Lydia Loveless a must-see act at the Jan. 14 Outlaw Snowdown

Lydia Loveless is an Ohio farm-girl who’s done a lot of living in her 21 years, and her music could be likened to a harvest of her experiences thus far.

With country roots (her dad owned a honkytonk) and a rebellious streak (she was a fixture in Columbus’ underground punk scene by age 14), Lydia comes armed with the ammunition to shoot to the top of your list of raw, honest and real music makers.

Loveless’ voice is regularly compared to Loretta Lynn’s, but the lyrical content of her self-written songs is a little rougher around the edges. Once you consider that she’s been playing gigs in bars since 13, it’s a little easier to understand where the 21-year-old is coming from when she pens a lyric like this one from “Do Right.” “My daddy was a preacher but he was a junkie too/I grew up on whiskey and God, so I’m a little bit confused.”

“Hank III is probably my biggest country influence,” says Loveless. “He says it like it is, and that was really inspiring to me. It wasn’t like I was intentionally trying to be vulgar or blunt, but he led me to realize that you should say what you’re trying to say and not hide it in metaphors and weird story lines that don’t make any sense.“

Her sophomore album, “Indestructible Machine,” was released in September and has since found it’s way onto a lot of “Best of 2011” lists — garnering attention from the likes of Spin Magazine, the Los Angeles Times and MTV. Interestingly enough, even the Durango Herald listed Loveless’ record their No. 1 pick of 2011, independent of her being booked for Pagosa’s Outlaw Snowdown.

Loveless will take the stage on Saturday, Jan. 14, at 5 p.m. and be followed by Hellbound Glory and the Supersuckers.

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