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Crumpet the Elf comes to Pagosa

The Thingamajig Theatre Company presents their first annual Christmas show: “SantaLand Diaries.”

Do you remember those heartwarming Christmas stories you heard as a child? Those beautiful holiday plays that brought tears to your eyes with the love the characters had for each other no matter the circumstances of their celebration?

Well, this is not one of those shows.

Robin Hebert stars as Crumpet the Elf in this adult Christmas show for those of us who feel like being a little naughty over the holidays.

This elf starts as a 33-year-old unemployed man whose dreams of a big city life in New York City are running through his fingers.

Macy’s Department Store hires this lost soul to work as an elf, and the show tells of his many adventures in the fluffy, joyful world that is SantaLand.

This is a one-man show that will have you in hysterics, doubled over with laughter. Fast paced and a typical David Sedaris comedy, SantaLand Diaries is the perfect thing to jazz up your monotone holiday schedule. This show incorporates the latest pop culture and humor from our modern world in ways that will drag laughs from even the most sober of audiences.

Crumpet the Elf is never without a peppermint martini, and you can enjoy the same taste bud-tingling drink while you get your fill of Christmas cheer from the one-of-a-kind Macy’s elf. Crumpet will lead you from the candy cane forest, to the magic star, to Santa’s house, telling of his wonderful life living with the other elves. Snowball, Jingle, Frosty, Dreidel and many other elfin creatures grace the storyline of Crumpet’s travels. The various Santas spreading holiday spirit within the realms of Macy’s SantaLand also appear in the story. You could even have a minute part in the play if you sit in the right place, but don’t worry: Crumpet treats all audience members as honored guests in SantaLand.

Show dates for this Christmas performance extend to Dec. 30, with Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday performances remaining. All shows begin at 7 p.m. with art gallery doors opening at 6 with live music. Come a little early to browse the art gallery featuring several local artists, sample the infamous peppermint martinis, and enjoy live music from talented Pagosa musicians.

We’ll see you at the show!

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