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Take time to bathe in God’s special love

This is a very special time of the year; beautiful colored lights are everywhere, the air is nippy with snow beautifying Pagosa Country.  There’s something special about this time of the year.  People who delight in living here are a friendly lot; yet something builds in our heart to reach out even more to our families, friends and the needy. 

The ringing of a bell moves us to reach into our wallet or purse and give aid to those in want.  While planning our special holiday dinner we discover, deep within our soul, a clearer ability to see those in need of a friend, the elderly, infirmed, those barely making a living and the unemployed.  Yes, something moves us this time of the year … it’s Christmas!

Strange, during this special time of the year many are driven into sickly exhaustion.  Some, trying to catch their breath, think openly, “If the Christmas Season is so special, why am I running myself ragged?”  There is a need to pause for rest in a season that seems to push us into being overly busy; getting tired to the point where we lose our focus.  We can so easily get distracted from the real meaning of Christmas.

CrossRoad Christian Fellowship invites you to, as they say, “take your shoes off and come in from the cold.” 

Come and enter a place that is quiet, comfortable and warm, a place of valued worship.  In His loving presence our weary soul can find peace and rest; our focus redirected.  Rediscover the joy of God’s Redemptive Plan for humanity.  Enjoy soothing music, biblical stories and the sincere reading of pertinent scriptures. 

Yes, CrossRoad desires to provide each person with a place to be touched, calmed and refocused; only His cross and road can provide that.  The evening will conclude with a refreshing candlelight communion service.  This special event will commence Sunday, Dec. 18, at 6 p.m.  We’d be honored to have you join us, just as you are. 

CrossRoad Christian Fellowship is located at 1044 Park Ave.  We are just across the street from the Pagosa Lakes Recreational Center. 

For added information, see our ad in The SUN or call 731-4384.  Skilled childcare will be provided.

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