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In Memoriam-Alfredo Gallegos

In loving memory of Alfredo Gallegos

Time slips and slides away

from us

Like shifting images in hazy mirrors.

And winter days blossom into


Springs and summers blend

into the splendors of red and golden fall,

Slowly, the days grow cold

and the memories

of final days

grown heavy in our hearts

and in our minds.

Memories of

Strong arms,

Work worn hands,

Eyes that sparkled with wit,

Intelligence, and love

… and knowing.

All of it there for us to see

And yet,

No words to say what lay

Before us.

We gathered as one,

Though so often alone in our pain.

We surrounded you

With caring and love and

Let you see us one last time.


The way you loved your family

To be.

You always said you were poor

In money


Rich in family.

We were rich, too.

We had you.

We cooked,

Ate meals with you,

Played poker,

Visited with each other,

With others,

We shared stories,

Watched movies,

Went for a drive,

We sang,

We laughed,

We cried,

… we prayed.

The love of a family

Came together then,

As it still does now.

I know you could see it then.

I know you felt it.

I hope you can see it today.

It is imprinted on the faces of

Your wife,

Your sons,

Your daughters,

Little grandchildren

And great-grandchildren.

The family that you began,

That you once stood back

And watched with joy,

Still carries on the traditions,

Still honors you,

Still keeps you in its midst.

And our hopes

And our prayers

For each other

And for our children

Is that we honor you in the way we live,

The way you wanted us to be.

And as our children grow

And our grandchildren

And great-grandchildren,

We hope they will

take the time to know

The man

Behind our family.

Who took a lovely wife

And raised a family to be proud of.

The man

we will honor always

Love always, and miss always.


19 Dec. 2007

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