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Masonic Lodge to host open house

An open house for the installation of 2012 officers will be held at the Masonic Lodge, located at 227 Lewis St., on Dec. 10 at 1 p.m.

Want to find out what the Masons are all about? This is an excellent time to do so for insignia an implements and the meanings thereof will be explained during the installation.

We are not builders of buildings as were the Masons of old, but we are builders of human character. As the fraternity evolved from “operative” or actual builders to “speculative” or spiritual builders of character the implements used in building were incorporated with new meanings. For example, the operative Mason used the square to square his work and is still used that way today, but to Masons of today, it also means, “to regulate our actions and harmonize our conduct with the principles of morality and virtue.”

Each implement, such as the compass, the trowel, the line, etc., carries a meaning to improve the human character.

The meeting is open to all people, not just Masons.

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