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‘Gifts of the Heart’ matter to Pagosans in need

When times are difficult, as they are now, the choices that we make matter more than when life is easy.

The way we choose to spend what we have not only affects our own budgets, but also can make us aware that others may be making even more difficult choices with their limited resources.

Some Pagosans are asking, “Can we afford meat at every meal this week? Can we both pay the rent and buy the medicine that our child needs? Can we even hope to afford after school tutoring for our son who is falling farther and farther behind? Am I able to see a dentist for an infected tooth that is poisoning my whole system? Can our toddler get shoes that fit? Will our utilities be turned off this month? How can I admit to my friends that my son cannot afford a warm coat and boots?”

Your choice to give “Gifts of the Heart” matters so much, because through your giving, you will be taking care of those on your gift list and taking care of those in our Pagosa community who are struggling beyond most of our imaginations.

If you are cutting corners in this economy, try to imagine how life must be for a family with one or both parents out of work, for a single parent with children, for the elderly on a fixed income, for those with chronic illness in their families, for those who do not have the management skills or family resources that you have, or for those who have made bad choices and are living with the consequences.

Good decisions include not only yourself, but also your community. Switching to “Gifts of the Heart” can make your money stretch into the lives of those in need in our community while honoring those on your gift list.

Choose to support the Food Pantry, the Community Assistance Fund, or Archuleta County Education Center’s After School Tutoring Program through “Gifts of the Heart.”

“Gifts of the Heart” is a Pagosa community-wide program sponsored by Community United Methodist Church. Ninety-five percent of the more than 500 families and individuals served are from the community at large and have no affiliation with CUMC.

Come to see Cory at the Community United Methodist Church office, 434 Lewis St., Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Friday until noon to select one of the three local GOH charities and purchase beautiful “Gifts of the Heart” cards for Christmas, birthdays or any other occasion. You can also pick up a letter and envelope that you can send to family members or friends requesting that they give you a “Gift of the Heart” rather than a tangible gift this Christmas.

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