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Book Fair raises funds for elementary school

More than 350 students and their family members attended last month’s Family Night at the elementary school in conjunction with the Scholastic Book Fair, which had a space theme.

The fun and excitement for the evening was provided by staff members who donned their mad scientist hats and performed a variety of science experiments to crowds of ooohs and aahs! Principal Kate Lister demonstrated the hypothesis of what happens when air cools and heats and was able to make a hard boiled egg get sucked into a bottle. Nancy Drake, second-grade teacher, had a volcano eruption demonstration which verified what happens when bicarbonate, like baking soda, is mixed with other ingredients. Chris Hicklin, Title I teacher, explored the contents of a disposable diaper to explain why those diapers are so absorbent. All attendees were able to make their own “space slime” from a variety of ingredients, including water, glue and Borax, with the help of Assistant Principal Chantelle Jordan.

Dinner was served to more than 275 people and the Book Fair was open. Kiwanis members provided the staffing for the meal and included Ron Gustafson, Dan Howe, Sandy Howe, Joanne Irons, Nick Tallent and Roy Vega. Colleen Littleton, elementary school cafeteria manager, made the delicious chicken alfredo meal.

The fall family night is held annually to support the Scholastic Book Fair featuring a special theme of “To the Book Fair and Beyond — Reading is out of this World!” A school-wide door decorating contest was held in the school and winning classes received the opportunity to choose books from the Book Fair for their classrooms. First place was Debbie Moore’s first-grade class, which won $60. Second place was Nancy Drake’s second-grade class, which was awarded $30. There was a tie for third place between Kathy Faber’s kindergartners and Kelly Patterson’s first-graders — each received $20 to buy books at the fair.

This Book Fair was an outstanding success. Gross sales were $9,963.29, which will translate into approximately $2,311 of cash profit for the school. Additionally, the school library received $310 worth of new books and $427.14 of scholastic book credit.

Thank you to all of the students, teachers, parents, relatives and friends who shopped at the Book Fair and for all the excitement about the event. It would be impossible to put on this two-week event without all of our willing and able volunteers. Huge gratitude goes to 25 individuals who decorated, unpacked and packed boxes, sorted books, staffed the cash register or assisted with Family Night: Monica Archuleta, Cheryl Bowdridge, Kendra Bridges, Ronnie Doctor, Tanya Garcia, Lauri Heraty, Carmen Hubbs, Becky Jacobsen, Lisl Keuning, Lara Khung, June Landgraf, Aubrie Limebook, Drew Mackey, Debbie Mackey, Carol Nasralla, Carol Otis, Sanya Peterson, Lisa Raymond, Dawn Robel, Tina Schroeder, Lisa Scott, Lauri Sulas, Liz Starks, Mary Ward and Keely Whittington.

As always, we’d like to thank school custodians Jim Sellers, Jack Constant and Barbara Martinez, and cafeteria manager Colleen Littleton, for their assistance outside of their regular duties.

The elementary school has been hosting book fairs since 1982. Proceeds from book fairs are used for reading and educational improvements and help fund the purchase of necessary unbudgeted supplies for the school.

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