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Rollergirls in Pagosa win first roller derby scrimmage

Animas Roller Girls invited Rollergirls in Pagosa to “Slam for Cans,” a roller derby scrimmage at Skateway USA in Farmington, N.M., on Sunday, Nov. 20.

This exciting first scrimmage for Rollergirls in Pagosa was their opportunity to debut a developed roster of women athletes who have practiced together for the past year.

Rollergirls in Pagosa’s diligence, strategy and athleticism helped them to win the game with a one-point lead, 97 to 96.

Ashley “Stashe” Tippetts, a Rollergirl in Pagosa, performed the halftime show by jumping over five teammates while on skates.

The scrimmage entry was two cans of food for a food drive to benefit the New Mexico nonprofit, ECHO’s food bank.

Rollergirls in Pagosa would like to thank the Animas Roller Girls for the scrimmage production.

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