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Making bowls to feed souls

Get ready for the Empty Bowls Event. It will be held in January, and Pagosa Springs Elementary School will host this event.

Making bowls and playing with clay is fun, but it also raises awareness and educates students and community about hungry people.

Empty Bowls is also a celebration of the arts.

There are many hours that go into this event, from making bowls to the glazing and firing of the bowls. It is worth it. The money generated from the sale goes to our local food banks. Each piece is beautiful and represents so much work, and so much of its maker. Each bowl is lead-free and food safe.

On the day of the event, for a $10 donation you get to select a bowl created by community members and students.  The bowl is then filled with soup, which has been donated by families.  The meal includes bread and a beverage.  Take home your handmade bowl as a reminder there are always empty bowls in the world.

We need help in making bowls for this incredible event. No experience is necessary. I have a couple of Thursday evenings and a couple of Saturday mornings dedicated to make bowls. A $5 dollar donation is asked to help in clay and glaze expense. If you can help in any way call Tessie Garcia at 731-9244 in the evenings.

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