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Waldorf Christmas tree sale underway

I’m sure mine isn’t the only family that has deliberated over the cutting down of a tree at Christmas time.

As a result, we spent a small fortune on live trees that we could plant in the earth after Christmas.

Then, about five years ago, I learned a little bit about the local forest ecology from my friend, Lesli:

White fir trees present an ecological challenge to our forests. White firs, while native to the area, are largely intolerant of fire and prone to disease and insect infestations. Once white fir trees grow beyond Christmas tree size, they present an enormous forest management challenge. For the overall health of the forest they must be removed or burned.

Once again, for its annual Christmas tree sale, the Pagosa Waldorf Initiative has sustainably harvested over 100 beautiful white fir trees. Harvesting them as Christmas trees today means less logging and burning in the forest later. In other words, buying one of these trees means that you are actually helping the overall health of our local forests.

The Pagosa Waldorf Initiative is selling the trees at Jann C. Pitcher Real Estate while supplies last.

On Saturday, Dec. 3, buy a tree and receive a packet of locally collected flower seeds for free. These make great stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts.

Trees range between 3 and 20 feet tall and are priced at only $5 per foot with the first foot free, with all trees over 15 feet tall priced at just $75.

For more information, please call Treasure Mountain Educational Cooperative at 946-1877.

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