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Here’s to the people who make things work

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a time for me to reflect on the gazillion reasons for me to be thankful.

Living in Pagosa tops the list.

I love this hometown of mine ... its scenic beauty and the easy access to outdoor sports year round.

The weather is also something to brag about. I’ve noticed when we have two or three days of cloudy, gray weather, back to back, the locals go into a blue funk. We are definitely spoiled by a near-perfect climate. Lucky us!

The recreation center wouldn’t be near as enjoyable for me if it weren’t for the many really nice people that use the facility. Over the years, these people have become some of my closest friends.

I’m always thankful for and proud of our volunteers — but to narrow my scope, I wish to acknowledge that the Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association wouldn’t exist without lots of free help. And I’m grateful to the many board members who donate thousands of hours for zero dollars and, often, insufficient recognition. Right off, I think of and thank Richard Beaudry, Dick Fortier, George Hatfield, Rhonda Higby, Kimberly Bradshaw, Gregg Mayo and, just recently retired from the board, Tom Cruse, who has served multiple terms.

Already, I see I’m in trouble. There are too many names to recognize them all.

In addition to the PLPOA board members, committees are an important part of our association operations. Committee members help keep our community vibrant; and, by augmenting paid staff, they save the association thousands of dollars each year. The association just wouldn’t be what it is without our active and effective committees. They deserve our sincerest thanks.

However, to be successful, our association needs to cultivate fresh ideas and encourage additional resident involvement in our committees; so, we’d like your help on one of our committees. Committees give the board a way to gather information, offer new ideas and opinions and provide a training ground for future board members.

So, if you’re thinking about running for the board and want to learn a little more about association operations first, or if you’re interested in helping improve your community or just want to get out and meet neighbors, we would be thrilled to talk to you about our committees and how you might be able to help. Contact any member of the board or the general manager for more information.? E-mail? phone 731-5635, Ext. 24.

Finally, I’m thankful for stories that end happily. For example, just recently, when the PLPOA administrative building was burned, Murphy, the office cat with nine lives, survived. And no one else was hurt.

Another story with a good ending is the recent grant award to Loaves and Fishes (Pagosa’s soup kitchen) by the Pagosa Springs Women’s Golf Association. They have committed all funds that will be raised at the 2012 Pine Cone Classic Golf Tournament. The generosity of these giving women golfers will help feed many in our county for a number of years to come.

There are dozens of stories like these I have mentioned. You can add to my list. The combined force of individuals who volunteer on a regular basis for different nonprofits and community organizations — and raise funds to help support them — is the glue that keeps our community together. Know that I give each of you a big applause for pitching in. Thank you.

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