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Riding off without the horse

If my Sweet Al has said it once, he has said it to me a hundred times and is always exasperated,

“Betty, you always ride off without the horse.”

I didn’t hear him.

Why? Because I like doing what I do.

Now I am wondering: Why was I always in such a hurry?

Beats me! I missed a lot along the way. I was too busy capturing the next idea or running after what I thought was the next answer.

I also wonder about the things that were in my grasp which belonged to me but I gave them away. I didn’t appreciate them at the time.

This article is prompted by a special gift I received from the library. I cannot count the times I have thrown away things because I didn’t understand their value. It has happened more times than I want to think.

It is not usually our intent to give away things just so others can enjoy them. Usually it is because these things have collected dust and have taken up OUR Space. We all have a certain amount of space, whether it is in our closets, shelves, relationships, or even in our minds. So we delete things, let go of things, throw away things, all because they have encumbered us.

It is to our good fortune if they come back around again. It’s all about timing. Would I have noticed this treasure from the library even last year? No. Why? Because I wasn’t there in my life, yet.

On the free rack out in front of the library, there was a whole set of cassette tapes on lectures from Brown University on American Fiction. I do not know who gave them away, but I got them, and I want to thank you. I will treasure them. If you need to borrow them, I’ll let you.

The dust was still on them so they didn’t look like they had been used for a long time. I have them in my car and I am listening to all of them. They are gold to me.

My daughter laughed at me when I told her how excited I was to have them. I even went out to the car and brought one into the house to show her this treasure I now own.

She says, “Only you, Mother, enjoy listening to lectures.”

I told her, “I love learning. I am using every thought in these tapes for my writing.”

So as I write these thoughts, I am wondering if it is a senior moment or if I am learning to slow down and appreciatethe little things in front of me, like valuable relationships and an old set of tapes from the library. So whoever went to Brown University and acquired these treasures, thank you for giving them away. I treasure them.

I remember a time when I said to a friend, “I wished I had the money to do a certain thing.”

She said in her wisdom, “We had the money to do the things we needed to do, but we spent it on something else.”

Whoever went to Brown University, I am getting a second-hand education. Thank you for sharing. I guess it is all in the timing and understanding their value. Good things come our way, and we often don’t slow down enough to recognize them, and some times by good fortune they come our way again and we understand the treasure in them.

Final brushstroke: I pray for wisdom to know what I need to keep and what I need to pass on; and the heart and mind to see the value of things. It’s all in the timing.

Artist’s quote

’“It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about.” — Dale Carnegie.

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