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Christmas tree permits available Nov. 21

On Monday, Nov. 21, Christmas tree permits offered by the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management will be on sale in western Colorado.

The permits allow the public to cut a Christmas tree for personal use on National Forest and BLM lands.

Tree cutters must have a valid permit with them. A BLM permit is valid for trees located on BLM lands only, just as a Forest Service permit is only valid for trees located on National Forest System lands.

Permit costs range from $8 to $10 (per tree) depending on which BLM or Forest Service office issues the permit and where one plans to cut their tree. No cutting is permitted in campgrounds or other recreation/facility sites, Wilderness and/or near lakes, streams or in wetland areas.

The permits come with information explaining regulations and helpful tips. The National Forest and BLM offices also sell maps and offer free advice on the best areas for tree harvesting, species availability and any restrictions of note.

Permits are available locally at the Pagosa Ranger District office, 180 Pagosa St. Call 264-2268.

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