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A tribute to the Big Five, after the game

The Big Five cried.

They knew this would be their last football game for Pagosa. It would be the last time a Ross brother would play with another brother, when Puskas and Tyson would make magic on the field.

Listening to the other players, this is what I heard. “Tyson, number ten, is funny, and has a great personality; he can play any position and is a true athlete. He sticks with it to the end, and gets more hits than anyone. Daniel Puskas, number fourteen, has sticky fingers and catches anything that comes his way and man can he run. Ryley Gardner, number eighty, does everything the coaches say. He gives a hit and takes a hit. He tries hard and is very respectful. Max Miller, number fifty-six, is the nicest, all well-rounded player there is. He is a real man’s man. Gregory Griswold, number seventy, is our secret weapon, he surprises you, I love Greg, He is the hardest worker and gets the job done.”

I just had to write and wind up this season of football and thank all the boys who played their hearts out for Pagosa, and especially to the Big Five. We love you.

We went to the last game of the season. Pagosa Pirates made it to the playoffs with Kent Denver. The Pagosa fans trudged over the hill; caravaned to Denver; the stadium was filled with Pagosa Pride. We didn’t finish as good as our team is, but we finished the season with one heart. We came together as one.

We love being the fans, we sing our national anthem together, and look at our great nation’s flag. It always brings tears to our eyes, and a sense of freedom we enjoy. This is all a part of our Pagosa Pride.

These Big Five have played as a team for six seasons; they have won and lost together. They have practiced hard, taken a lot of hard knocks and made us proud. They know how it feels, the day after, being beat up, thrown down, and cheered on; all for those few magic moments they will talk about for a long time.

So now what?

Life goes on.

Thanks to the coaches. They have put aside their families and personal life to work with these boys. They are already looking at the new boys who are being groomed to be a part of next year’s team. There will be new zeal for next year’s crop and their belief that we could make it again to the playoffs and possibly state.

Life is like a box of puzzle pieces. This is only one piece of the puzzle. There are many other pieces in this puzzle we call life. They all have a full box of pieces, and one day they will look at the top of the box and see the whole picture.

We have cherished this one piece of the puzzle, we will look back and see the impact this time has meant for all of us. Then, the top of the box will make complete sense.

Until then, we keep living our lives to the best of our ability. We are gearing up for basketball, wrestling and all the other sports that will follow.

I have made a special date with our one grandson every Sunday to watch Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. I do this, not only because I love the game, but it is my way of identifying with my grandson. This is the only time of the week we sit down together; everything else is put aside and we focus on a common interest — football. This is my way of getting into his life.

When Tebow loses and he goes to the winning team and congratulates the winning team. They return a slap on Tebow’s back and a smile. He is showing my grandson something about losing and winning, about character. I look over and I watch my grandson take it all in.

It is amazing what I learn about this young grandson watching football. We talk football, eat during commercials, and he becomes the teacher and I become the student. I am learning football talk and hopefully he is learning about relationships.

This article is a way of saying thank you to the Boys of Fall, who put their lives on the line and learned to be disciplined. They learned about winning and about losing. They learned how they ached the next day after being beat the night before, but they got up the next day to start working toward the next game.

They are learning about life.

Final brushstroke: Every once in a while, we have to look at the top of the box to see why we do what we do, and as we put another piece of the puzzle in place, the bigger picture becomes a little clearer.

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