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Support group for spouses of veterans

A new women’s group is being formed for spouses of veterans.

The group offers support and education for women in a relationship with combat veterans.

Charles M. Benway is a readjustment counselor from Farmington, N.M. He is offering to facilitate this support and education group for women.

Benway is a Vietnam combat veteran who enrolled at Colorado State University in 2000 and earned a masters’s degree in social work after five years of higher education. Benway is licensed in the State of Colorado as an advanced clinical practitioner and is in the process of acquiring the practice hours to become certified as a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) in the near future.

The initial group meeting was held Monday, Nov. 7, at St. Patrick’s Church at 6 p.m. Much interest has been shown in this group by local women.

The local contact person is Charlotte Jones at St. Patrick’s Church, 731-5801.

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