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The Father or the Force?

“Star Wars” viewers are familiar with the phrase, “May the Force be with you.”

And, in some circles, “The Force” is in keeping with their view of God. Popular books such as “The Secret” teach many valuable lessons about faith and putting no limit on God, but they differ from Christ’s teaching in the way they describe God as “the Universe” — an impersonal force.

The Bible teaches that we can know God through Jesus Christ. John 3:16 (NIV) sums up the salvation plan, “For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

The scripture also teaches that we can have a relationship with God while we live here on earth. It compares the human to God relationship using many illustrations:

Clay to potter — When we yield our lives to Him like pliable clay, He molds us into something useful and beautiful. He has the power and authority in our lives to shape us into whatever kind of vessel He wants.

Branch to vine — As we abide in Christ our lives become fruitful and productive.

Sheep to shepherd — He guides us, watches over us and protects us from our enemies. He provides for our needs.

Chick to hen — He shelters, protects and nurtures us.

Servant to lord — He is the authority in our lives. If we want a right relationship with God, we must obey Him.

Student to teacher — He is all knowing. Comparatively even the smartest man in the world knows very little. And amazingly, He wants to teach us and reveal Himself to us. He did this through Jesus and through the Bible, but He still speaks to us through His Holy Spirit.

Creator to creation — He knows us better than we know ourselves because He made us. And He still loves us! He made us each for a unique purpose to express His love in unique ways. We are created for His pleasure, not the other way around.

Child to father — He gave us life and He takes responsibility for us. He trains us and disciplines us. He answers our prayers.

Sibling to brother — Because we are in Christ, He identifies with us and we share a Heavenly inheritance with Him.

Friend to friend — He not only loves us, but he likes us and wants us to spend time with Him.

Bride to groom — The church is His beloved. He loves us passionately. He proved that by dying for us. Just as Jesus left, He will return for his bride and we will live with Him forever. And Heaven will be one long honeymoon.

The Father sent His Son that we might have a relationship with Him by His Spirit. God is not a commodity; He’s three persons in one with desires, feelings and personality.

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