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A small touch has a big effect on a relationship

What are some ways we can reduce stress in our marriage relationships?

Showing true love for our spouse can reduce stress levels. There are subtle ways for marriage partners to express their love for one another that can strengthen a marriage bond.

A simple gesture like a warm touch can send a message of love to our companions. A warm touch will set off the release of oxytocin, a hormone that helps create a sensation of trust and reduces stress. A warm touch helps us feel a closer bond and reduces stress.

When stress levels are reduced, the brain’s prefrontal areas that regulate emotions will relax, then proceed to solve problems.

Here are a few ways to increase bonding between marriage partners.

Start the day off right by giving your spouse a hug before getting out of bed.

Husbands, put your hands on your wife’s waist as she is cooking or doing dishes and kiss her cheek. Touch her cheek, or stroke her hair at the end of the day. Rub her shoulders when she seems tired or stressed.

Wives, give your husband a warm loving smile and a kiss on the cheek as you pass by him in the house. Walk up behind him and put your arms around him and express your appreciation for what he does for the family.

Touch each other’s arms when you ask about your spouse’s day. Sit close enough to touch or snuggle when watching TV. Reach over when driving to momentarily touch your companion’s hand or shoulder. Give a longer-than-usual kiss when you leave or arrive home.

Remember that a bonded team is a successful team. It takes two people working together in rhythm to dance a tango correctly. A successful marriage takes two spouses working in harmony together to form a relationship that has a successful rhythm. A marriage team that works together in peace and harmony stays together. Learning small techniques like giving those small, loving touches can build stronger marital bonds if applied.

The Pathways to Responsible Fatherhood will be offering marriage relationship workshops starting in January.

The only cost for those who wish to gain knowledge to improve their marriage relationships is their time once a week.

If you and your companion would like to attend the marriage relationship workshops, call Monte Lane at 264-2182, Ext. 227.

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