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Cards of thanks


On behalf of the seniors attending lunch on Monday, Oct. 24, I extend a “bravo” to the students of Treasure Mountain School. Their performance of Stone Soup was a treat for all and a reminder of the great community in which we live. Thank you and we hope you’ll visit us often.

Musetta Wollenweber

Community center

Our 8th annual Halloween Carnival was a huge success. Thanks to many businesses and community members for their generous donations. Special thanks to: Alley House Grille, Bank of Colorado, Bank of the San Juans, Kiwanis, Century Link, City Market, McDonalds, Rio Grand Savings and Loan, Sonic, Jack and Claudia Rosenbaum, Diana Baird and the Duplicate Bridge group. Thanks to Kathy Ruth, Corey and KWUF for helping us get all the donations we needed. A big thanks to our judges who had such a hard job: Cindy Gustafson, Claire and Paul Roberts. And to all of our volunteers (if I forgot anyone, just know we appreciate each and every one of you): Mary Meyer, Judy Collins Cecila Hopper, Makayla Marchand, Casey Mudroc, Tim Jennings, Gloria Smith, Lorrie Church, Stan Church, Beverly Arrendell, Kent Schafer, Maureen Munro, Joseph Porter, Jim Plant, Mary Tighe, Melanie Morgan, Lynn Johnson, Rachel Ingram, Cathy Reece, Deb Jennings, Kay Lang, Mary Jo Coulehan, Kami Lane, Emily Mazh, Molly Burkesmith, Addie Thompson, Josh Lane, Susan Lane, Monte Lane, Brooke Bowdridge, Dustin Spencer, Tim Horning, Debbie, Kay, Linda, Kathy Harker, Jack Harker, Austin Harker, Cody Bowdridge, Gary Johnson and Steven Smith

Cheryl Bowdridge

Youth center

The Pagosa Springs Youth Center would like to thank Jack Searle and Old Town Market for making the center the first recipient of its October profits. Money donated to the center helps keep the doors open and food available for the afterschool program for 12- to 19-year-olds. Your generosity to the community is one of many benefits of having you in the Pagosa downtown area. Your healthy food choices and amazing deli and prepared foods, coupled with good customer service, makes shopping at Old Town Market a joy. Thank you and continued success in all that you do.

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