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Are you using — or losing — time?

Daylight Saving Time ends this Sunday.

Puzzling to remember which direction to reset your clock? Always remember the saying, “spring forward and fall back.”

This little horological maneuver not only affords extra light, but also serves to remind us of the silent, steady passage of time. It is the eternal, critical determinant of our lives.

It’s all about time. Time is of the essence. There’s never enough time. Timing is everything. Time and tide wait for no man.

The topic yields countless truisms but, perhaps, a single satisfactory insight: time is not a liability or a limitation.

Time is, rather, a gift, an asset, a deep wellspring of opportunity. Those who understand that try to use time intelligently, precisely, just as they would any other resource, e.g. capital, work force, equipment, etc.

Those who do not manage their time wisely squander this precious commodity. The clock is ticking. The hour passing. Are you using — or losing — time?


This past weekend a group of racquetball players from the recreation center traveled to Farmington, N.M., to compete in a tournament. Their performance was good, producing some solid results.

Todd Ormonde placed third in the men’s open division after losing 14-15, 11-15 to Kenny Cheshire of Albuquerque, N.M.

“I was happy with the result considering Kenny is ranked second in the state of New Mexico, and he had crushed me last year in the finals of the Pagosa Lakes Racquetball Tournament,” said Todd.

Cheshire won the finals of the Farmington Tournament by 1 point in a thrilling, heart-stopping match over Robert Lee, a top five player in New Mexico. Robert had a close call in his first round match-up against Pagosa’s Jacob Ormonde (who, by the way, played in his first open division match this past weekend).

Jacob decided to pick up his racquet a month ago after a long layoff, and as is typical of young talented athletes, he started trouncing his competition in Pagosa on a regular basis. He was encouraged to enter the open division and the“A” division in Farmington. Jacob overpowered Robert in the first game 15-17, then lost 11-15 and 3-11. According to Robert, the only way he was able to win was by slowing the game down and trying to make Jacob impatient. Oh, the wiliness of older, seasoned players.

Jacob eventually took second place in the drop-down elite division after losing to fellow Pagosan Chris Smith in the finals.

Chris and Todd placed second in the men’s open division doubles.

“We were excited to win two matches before the finals and saved our best play to push Kenny and Robert into a tie-breaker,” said Todd.

Overall, this past weekend’s tournament gave our players the incentive to prepare for our own racquetball tournament here in Pagosa, Dec. 2-4.

This year’s event will not be an USRA sanctioned tournament and, as a result, will be more affordable for those wishing to participate. Todd Ormonde is organizing the tournament and he has promised fun matches in a relaxed, friendly environment. And, of course, there will be food.

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