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This season, any season, give a ‘Gift of the Heart’

“Gifts of the Heart” — what are they?

These are gifts that can be given by you, your friends or your loved ones that are an alternative to “tangible item” gift giving. These “gifts of the heart” can make a real difference in the lives of many Archuleta County residents.

“Gifts of the Heart” is a program sponsored by Community United Methodist Church. This program gives you the opportunity to purchase a gift card that shows a monetary gift donation has been given in memory or in honor of someone. You, the giver, designate one of three local organizations you wish your donation to support. The three groups that have been selected as beneficiaries of the program for 2012 are The Community Assistance Fund, the Archuleta County Education Center, and the Methodist Church Food Bank.

The first step in this giving process is to break out of the traditional mode of giving tangible gift items to everyone on one’s list for such occasions as birthdays, memorials, thank-yous or the special holidays. Everyone knows people who appreciate the thoughtful gesture of a gift, yet do not need more “things.” When a Gift of the Heart is given, it is meaningful to the giver, to the receiver, and to the Archuleta County residents who are helped in some way by the donation.

Gift cards are available throughout the year at the Community United Methodist Church office, 434 Lewis St., Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Just stop by and let the secretary know you are interested in purchasing one or more Gifts of the Heart cards. You can choose from a Christmas card, a birthday card, a memorial card or a general occasion gift card. You make your donation, and then fill in the card letting the recipient know you have made a donation in his or her name to one of the above listed organizations.

This Saturday, Nov. 5, there will be a “Gifts of the Heart” booth at the Civic Club Bazaar at the Ross Aragon Community Center. The booth will be located along the front wall of the gym area, and will be staffed from 9 to 4. Stop by and learn more about this program and purchase your cards.

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