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‘Greening up’ the theatre experience

Thingamajig Theatre Company and the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts (PSCA) are providing Pagosa Springs with a green, eco-friendly theatre and arts experience.

From the beginning, Tim and Laura Moore have operated their businesses with respect for emerging environmental concerns. Everything they do in their facility has the environment in mind.

The Breaks Black Box Theatre is one of the only theatres in Colorado to use nothing but LED lights to light the stage. LED lights don’t waste nearly as much energy as typical theatre lights. The cost of building the lighting repertoire at Thingamajig Theatre took a backseat to the overall effect of the variety of shows performed in the space.

PSCA also features one of the only art galleries to keep its lights off during the day when visitors are infrequent. Energy conservation is incredibly important to our new green theatre and arts center here in Pagosa.

PSCA recycles all of its materials from glass to cardboard to plastic. There is a recycle bin right behind the bar for all manner of items. Disposable drinking cups are a “no-no.” All glasses behind the bar are glass or ceramic, so there is no chance that any drinking vessel will be thrown away by an uninformed guest. Paper towels are also considered taboo in the arts atmosphere. Blue towels are used for every task that requires cleaning or drying, and are taken to the laundromat the next day to be washed and sanitized for the upcoming night’s event.

Thingamajig Theatre’s costumes, props and sets are also largely recycled. In every opportunity, the directors of the plays receive costumes and sets from other theatre companies throughout the state of Colorado and region. Additionally, much of the material the audience sees on stage is also left over from the business previously occupying the building. Props are secured from a significant span of locations: thrift stores, donations, previous productions, etc. Whenever possible, Tim and Laura Moore avoid buying new materials to furnish and flesh out their theatre productions.

The programs for Thingamajig Theatre’s productions are all printed on recycled paper and kept in recycled books to preserve them. The books used to house the programs for many of the the shows were going to be thrown away by the local library, but PSCA rescued them. The inside written material was recycled, and the covers were saved. Now, people don’t throw away disposable paper programs every night after a show. Additionally, the book covers are an original, elegant way to spice up the theatre experience for patrons.

As an additional green undertaking, Thingamajig and PSCA are attempting to be paperless ticket sellers. All guests are asked to not print their online ticket purchases or to print anything else regarding the ticket sale. There is one Will Call list at the ticket counter, and the hostess will have received all visitor names in advance to be able to check them off of the list. The paper saved by just printing one page of information instead of 50 every night is incredible. All Pagosans should be inspired and proud of the contributions, or lack thereof, that Thingamajig Theatre Company and the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts are making to the town, the country and the world we all live in.

Next up at the Center for the Arts: A Taste of the Classics.

On Nov. 6, at 5 p.m., Pagosa Springs High School presents some of their finest vocal students performing classic solos in a variety of languages. The concert will showcase vocalists preparing to audition for the All State Choir and Honor Choir. Hors d’oeuvres, desserts and drinks will be served before and after the show for a donation. Tickets are $10 and will be available at the door; seating is limited, so be sure to get there early. Doors to the Center will open at 4:15 so patrons can enjoy the atmosphere, the art, the food and the preshow music.

‘Lion in Winter’

The next Thingamajig Theatre production opens on Nov. 18 with a Champagne Opening Celebration that includes a talk back with the cast and crew. Sure to be a spectacular show, with costumes and set coming from the Arvada Center — the same theatre that provided the “Frog and Toad” costumes this summer — “Lion in Winter” is a highly comical satirical look at the dysfunctional British monarchy.

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