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Cards of Thanks

Americana Project

The Americana Project would like to thank all those who helped make the “An Evening with Caleb Hawley” concert a success. Thanks to Doug Eagle for sound, Donna and Jim Hudson, Minda and David Scherer and Wendy Gardner for food, Colette Hemenger and Dana Laverty for tickets, The Pagosa SUN and for advertising, Darcy DeGuise and PHTV for filming, Clint Shaw and his photography students, David Hamilton and Sean O’Donnell for supporting the project and Mark DeVoti and the school board for understanding the importance of the arts in schools. Big thanks to the students and Caleb Hawley for putting on a great show and the community for coming out to listen.


In writing this, my husband and I humbly extend our deepest and sincerest heartfelt thanks to all those Pagosans that gave so graciously and unselfishly, extending their hearts and time to the two of us in our time of need. Of those, the congregation of the Seventh Day Adventists, especially all the help given by Lee Voorhies, and Christie Calderwood on behalf of the local Wyndham Resort and all our dear friends who unselfishly gave of their time and themselves helping my husband and I.

God bless,

Julie and Don Wilhelmi


Seeds of Learning would like to thank all the parents that worked so hard on the Woodwick Candle and Reed Diffuser fund-raiser. The top sellers were Carole Nasralla, Amanda Gallegos and Becky Deitemeyer. Seeds would also like to thank all the people in the community that ordered. For those of you that didn’t get a chance to order, don’t worry: we ordered extra and they will be available at Seeds about the middle of November. Thanks again to everyone that made our parent fund-raiser such a success.

The Den

Thank you to Bob Goetsinger for hooking us up with the Raders, who donated a new wireless microphone system for use in the dining room at The Den so my people can hear what I have to say. On behalf of my people, thank you.

Our thanks also go out to Jane Baker for her donation of a big box of puzzles; puzzles are a great source of keeping our brains young.

Musetta Wollenweber

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