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Colorado Republicans move presidential caucus to Feb. 7

Colorado Republicans have moved their 2012 presidential caucuses to Feb. 7, the day after the Iowa caucus.

Colorado can make the change without penalty from the Republican National Committee because the caucus doesn’t determine delegates. That is a separate process in April.

James Huffman, chairman of the Archuleta County Republican Party, made the following statement.

“Given Colorado’s status as a swing state, we felt it was important to cast our preference earlier in the process so that Coloradans have their voices heard. Coloradans are looking for real economic solutions to turn this economy around, not the same old rhetoric and failed policies that have yet to put Colorado back to work. We look forward to voicing our preference on Feb. 7.

“Voters are reminded they must be registered as Republicans 60 days prior to and be residents of their precincts 30 days prior to the caucus date in order to participate in their precinct caucus. The last day to register is Dec. 8, 2011, unless you turn 18 between Dec. 8 and Feb. 7 and this is your initial registration.”

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