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Boosters holds workshop, schedules ‘Hollydaze’

A week ago, Pagosa Springs Music Boosters brought a unique concert, “The Gift,” to Pagosa — a creation of Dave McDonough and Harvey Schwartz, a collaboration of musicians, artists, teachers, students and Boosters board members. 

Part of this project involved a workshop sponsored by Music Boosters for Bob Hemenger’s Americana students at the high school a few days before the concert.  Dave McDonough shared his expertise in writing, composing, music business advice and performing, while Harvey Schwartz lent his legendary piano style to the mix, including inviting students to the stage to read their newly-composed song lyrics while he accompanied them. 

 Music Boosters is unique in its approach to performing arts in Pagosa as it combines music, theater, dance and performance, with its focus on community and supporting, working with and mentoring our students.  It is “grass roots” education at its best, particularly when it comes to partnering with schools in Pagosa.  The organization plans to develop workshops in the schools alongside all of their productions, in addition to working towards a dream of a Performing Arts School.

The next production, “Hollydaze,” is scheduled for December, with the debut performance of the newly-formed MB Band, plus exciting vocal performances from many local MB stars.

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