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Becky Herman named local Democratic Party chairperson

At the Archuleta County Democratic Party’s annual chili supper on Oct. 7, the Central Committee accepted Nan Rowe’s resignation from her position as county chair. The committee then elected Becky Herman to take her place. Nan announced that her service to the party would end at midnight on Oct. 7.

Following the chili dinner and an appearance by Sal Pace, Colorado House Democratic Minority Leader and candidate for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, the large crowd formally thanked Nan for her service to the county party and presented her with a basket of gifts, all designed to facilitate her car trip to Florida.

Nan has decided to leave Pagosa Springs after 16 years here, during which time she was actively involved in several business ventures and local politics. Her mother, who resides in Florida, was recently diagnosed with cancer, and that, coupled with financial problems, is the reason that prompted Nan to make the move to Florida.

The ACDP looks forward to Nan’s eventual return to Pagosa and her re-involvement with the local party.

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