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Students offer opinions about new school options

If Ballot Issue 3B were to pass on Nov. 1, changes to the Archuleta School District would be numerous.

Three old school buildings will no longer be of service, and kids in kindergarten through eighth grade will be put in close proximity in a new building or new buildings at a site adjacent to the current high school.

Proponents of the bond proposal are advocating construction of a new campus for grades K-8. With students in a wide range of ages between those grades, we wonder if one or two buildings will be best. SUN staff, once again, went to the students of the school district for some answers.

The question asked of students was based on what year they were in school.

Students at the high school received the questionwere asked: “Would one or two schools be better for grades K-8? Why?”

Here are their responses:

Tori Strohecker, senior: “I think two (buildings), because I don’t think that little kids should be around the influences of the older kids.”

Rowan Taylor, junior: “Two schools, because it will help the transition into a higher grade school.”

Lyla Byrnes-Weerstra, sophomore: “Two schools, because there is a huge gap between the maturity levels of each grade.”

The question for the younger kids, grades seven and eight, was: “If they were to integrate grades kindergarten through eight into one school, how would that make you feel? Why?”

Here are their responses:

Morgan McGuire, eighth grade: “I would not like that, because you would have to be with siblings.”

Mckenzie Graham, seventh grade: “It would make me feel retarded and young.”

Whether or not one or two schools will result from the upcoming election, we should listen to what the kids have to say, because they will be affected most by the decision coming in November.

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