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Donations sought for repair of Pinon Lake fountain

According to Phil Starks, sanitation supervisor for the Town of Pagosa Springs, the fountain in Pinon Lake could be a relic of past summers if sufficient donations are not collected to purchase a new motor for the fountain by next spring.

“We need about $2,000 for the new motor to replace the 15-horsepower, single phase submersible motor,” Starks said, adding that the previous fountain motor was no longer operable due to it having “internally faulted.”

At the Oct. 4 meeting of the Pagosa Springs Town Council, trustees failed to pass a motion asking for funds to replace the motor.

Currently, the town collects donations for the continued operation of the fountain during the summer and Starks said that donations have amounted to “about $1,400.”

However, those donations are designated just for operating the fountain and are not fungible such that they could be applied towards the purchase of a new motor.

Starks said that donations for the new motor would need to be collected, “By next spring so we can get it installed before summer operations.”

People interested in donating money for a new motor should send checks to:

Town of Pagosa Springs

c/o Town Clerk: Fountain motor

PO Box 1859

Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

According to Pagosa Springs Town Manager David Mitchem, donations to the town are tax deductible.

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