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Elementary school to host book fair

Pagosa Springs Elementary School will host a Scholastic Book Fair Nov. 2-17 during school hours in the school library.

Families, teachers and the community are invited to attend the fair, which will feature a special theme: “To the Book Fair and Beyond! Reading is Out of this World!”

Many activities at the school accompany the book fair and the space theme.

During the two weeks that the book fair is open, students visit the fair with their class to preview the books for sale, especially the new releases. There are a wide variety of books and price ranges available, and there is always a huge supply of bargain items as low as $1.99.

Students also view the “Author Video,” supplied by Scholastic, which features authors discussing the books they wrote with kids in mind.

The elementary school has been hosting a book fair since 1982. The two book fairs during the last school year netted the school $3,574 in cash, over $1,139 in books for the school library, and $125 in resource materials for the library. Proceeds from book fairs are used for reading and educational improvements and help fund the purchase of necessary unbudgeted supplies for the school. Recently, book fair proceeds were used to purchase a SMARTBoard and projector for the school’s library and assisted in the purchase of the new playground structure.

Individuals attending the event can also help build individual classroom libraries by purchasing books for teachers through the Classroom Wish List Program which is highlighted within the book fair.

The book fair will offer specially priced books and educational products, including newly released titles, award-winning titles, children’s classics, beautiful hardback books, interactive software and book titles from more than 150 publishers. There are products for all age ranges and many excellent gift ideas.

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