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Executive board openings for Art in the Garden

The Executive Board of Creative Outreach Charitable Organization would like to announce that there are four openings for 2012.

Creative Outreach Charitable Organization is the 501c3 organization that puts on Art in the Garden.

The terms of four of the seven board members are up, and those members that have served for the past three to four years are choosing to step down. These members have worked very hard to assure the success of this event, but are involved with other commitments for next year.

The public is invited to get involved with the planning of this event by serving on the executive board. Board members serve for a two -year term, and may continue for more than one term.

All who have helped with Art in the Garden have found it a very satisfying experience, and it is the purpose of the board to foster greater participation by all interested members of the community. Art in the Garden has developed a reputation as a wonderful summer event that showcases fine art, live music and gourmet food. Attendance has been consistent at approximately 400 people each time, and the proceeds from ticket sales have supported the Community Assistance Fund each year. This year a donation of $10,000 was presented. This fund offers direct help to those in need in our community.

There is a lot of planning involved for Art in the Garden, but the work is divided among the members of the executive board, subcommittees, and the many other event volunteers. Those who have been involved have found the effort very rewarding, and even fun. All retiring board members leave with regrets, but also feel that “new blood” brings new energy.

If you are interested in helping to organize this event for 2012, please contact our website at, or call Mary K. Carpenter at 264-0268. Executive board terms for 2012 start in January 2012.

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