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Schwartz, Slade to take part in ‘The Gift’

Pagosa Springs Music Boosters offers a special family friendly evening mix of music, poetry, storytelling and live painting in the Pagosa Springs debut of “The Gift,” featuring pianist Harvey Schwartz, performance poet Dave McDonough, musicians Jammer Greg and Dave Chambers and artist and author Betty Slade. 

These artists are donating their time and talents to the Music Boosters organization to help raise funds for performing arts in the schools. 

Harvey Schwartz came “home” to Pagosa in 1990 although he had never been here before.  He called it an “urban escape.”  Back in the late ’70s, he had returned to college for a degree in music education.  It required an instrumental minor.  Actually, getting back to piano practice was more motivation than a teaching career.  However, the education part caught his interest while he was up to his neck in it in the classroom.  As a public school music teacher, he also gave piano lessons.  The result of it all is a piano-vocal method of instruction he calls “The Schwartz Course.”  He continues to teach in retirement. 

 Art is not manufactured, but instead is created and alive.  It lives and breathes and is a gift to all who are willing to be inspired — it is a simple gift to give and an easy one to receive.

Betty Slade draws from 45 years of painting and 45 years of Bible study and teaching.  She has a wealth of knowledge in the Word and has experienced every facet in the art field. Of her life, Betty says she has two passions: her faith in the Lord Jesus and the arts.  She loves to share her knowledge and help others who desire to grow personally and professionally in the arts.

 Betty has owned her own gallery, retail and wholesale, had a TV program series and her own publishing company.  She has written and self-published two poetry books and two study books on the Bible.  She has had work hung in many galleries, worked for a national e-magazine, and the past 10 years, the Princess Cruise Line has carried her prints.  The Santa Fe Art Brokerage Gallery in Santa Fe, N.M., carries her work. 

 Betty writes The Artist’s Lane for The PREVIEW. She has keyed into the humor of the small town USA and has a base of 7,000-plus readers. The readers are delighted to read about her husband, Sweet Al.

 Betty has evolved as a person and artist over the years and her art reflects those changes.  She started painting in oils in 1965, moved into watercolors in the 1980 and her 2008 series is mixed media.  From more traditional landscape paintings, through the Southwest period to her recent more impressionist pieces, Betty keeps stretching, experimenting with colors and design.

 Her 4,000 square-foot studio and gallery next door to her home shows the span of her work and gives opportunity to host artist and writer’s retreats and teach painting.  

 Betty offers workshops for groups. They are fun and casual, yet carry the depth that the soul desperately hungers for.  Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from Betty’s vast wealth of knowledge as an artist.  Betty Slade helps her students find a spiritual voice in the arts.  Students are surprised to discover themselves and their gifts as they experience the arts. 

 Betty has written a novel which portrays the life of Mary Magdalene. The title is “The Mysterious Life of Mary Magdalene,” and it will soon be released. Book signings are scheduled in November and December. is the virtual home for Betty Slade Creations, which is currently under construction. Find Betty’s work on 

 Saturday, Oct. 15, is the date.  The place is the Pagosa Springs High School auditorium. Concessions will be available.  Doors open at 6 p.m. for gallery viewing, 6:30 for early entertainment, with the featured concert starting at 7.

Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for students, and are available this week at the Chamber of Commerce or at the door on Saturday.  Special thanks to Citizens Bank as a corporate community sponsor of “The Gift.” The bank’s gift enabled Music Boosters to offer student tickets at a lower price to encourage our young people to attend the concert.  See

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