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Americana Project concert features Caleb Hawley, Oct. 19

Music is a universal language that everyone understands.

Though people may listen to different genres, we all have something in common: music.  It is said that music can build a community; in Pagosa Springs this is definitely true. 

In fact, Pagosa Springs High School has recently added a class that inspires kids to not only perform, but to also write, record and produce music.

The Americana Project has developed over the past two years and has become a popular class at the high school. The Project gained publicity in the community while also growing in reputation with the students.

Second year Americana student Zoe Fulco had an opinion of Americana that was not only inspiring but accurate: “The Americana Project is not just a class to inspire musicians to create themselves, but to find themselves as well. Americana is different than other music classes because instead of following set rules, you are almost breaking them. You’re not learning how to copy or imitate a certain style but creating your own.”

 “Being a performer, I know how important it is to me to have people to not only inspire me to become a better musician but to support me in what ever I do. Whether it’s singing an off-the-wall song or learning a new instrument, the students of Americana are your biggest fans.” — Katlyn Ritchie, Americana student.

The Americana Project’s popularity has developed through community support and from the Americana Project’s concerts, sponsored by Pagosa Springs High School. Last year’s concerts showcased the Project’s students and introduced such artists as Pete Kartsounes and Gary Morris to Pagosa Springs High School. This year, Bob Hemenger has invited Caleb Hawley, a rising star in the urban folk music scene, to the high school stage. 

Forgoing a desire to become a major league baseball player, Caleb Hawley has settled for the next best thing, music. Though Caleb may not be the next Micky Mantle, he’s hitting the music industry with a cutting edge style and an angelic voice. A graduate from Berkley College of Music, Caleb obtained a degree in jazz composition. This rising star then found his new niche, songwriting. After pursuing his newfound love, Caleb set off to the Big Apple to pursue this aspiration. 

Receiving top honors in the prominent New York Songwriters Circle Contest, the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, the Telluride Festival, the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival and Rocky Mountain Folk Festival for his songwriting, he also has a voice to place him in the final 50 on the 2011 American Idol season.

On paper, one could say that Caleb has an impressive resume, but if one were to witness this artist perform,  “impressive” would be quickly replaced with “remarkable.”

In July of 2007, Caleb released his first CD “Greatest Hits” followed by  “Steps,” which was released in 2009 and led up to his recent CD “We All Got Problems.” The shaggy-haired performer has a fan base from L.A. to New York, yet at the rate Caleb is going, his name not only will be seen in lights, but Caleb Hawley will soon be a household name.

“From his ability to write intricate lyrics with cutting-edge chords to his lightening fast licks and ear for taste and style, there is absolutely nothing average about this blue-eyed, multi-faceted musician” — Christina Morelli, NYC Art Scene.

Pagosa Springs is not only lucky enough to have this talented young man serenade our town, but he will also be holding a songwriting and performance workshop for members of the Americana, choir and drama classes.

On Wednesday, Oct.19, Caleb and select students from the Americana Project will host a show that’s sure to move the audience in attendance. The show will start at 7 p.m., and doors open at 6:30. Tickets will be sold only at Pagosa Springs High School the night of the concert, for $10 per person. All proceeds beyond the concert’s cost will benefit future Americana Project events.

This night of music is far to entertaining too miss!

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