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District students speak out on bond proposal

In the upcoming November election, Archuleta School District 50 Joint wants voters to approve the 2011 Bond Referendum.

If passed on Nov. 1, the bond issue will produce a maximum $49 million to build a new campus for grades K-8 on purchased land south of Pagosa Springs High School. If the issue were to fail and the district were to make improvements on the existing elementary, intermediate and junior high schools, some estimates cite a cost of as much as $37 million for the work.

As voting nears, SUN staff talked with some of those who are going to be affected most by the decision — the students of the school district.

The questions asked were: Do you like the new campus idea? Why or why not?

The majority of the students interviewed are in favor of the new campus. Here is what they have to say:

Kalie Ray, senior:

“I think that the new campus would be a great idea ... but I just don’t believe that our school has the money to do it.”

Keegan Caves, senior:

“Why spend $37 million on something that will last only ten to fifteen more years, when we can spend twelve more million on something that will last longer?”

Elle McGinn, junior:

“I like it because we will all be in one area.”

Sean Blanchard, junior:

”I think it would be cool, if I were still here.”

Mary Haynes, senior:

“No, because it is spending a bunch of unnecessary money.”

Skyler Bilazzo, sophomore:

“Yes, because it gets rid of old buildings and reduces maintenance costs.”

Miah Pitcher, eighth grade:

“I would like it because the grades could interact.”

Addie Thompson, seventh grade:

“(I would like it because) I’d be closer to family.”

Tyler Harbur, freshman:

“No, because their schools are just fine and we could spend our money on something else.”

Based on the students’ responses, a change in Pagosa might not be such a bad thing.

There are other factors besides the students to consider with the 2011 Bond Referendum — the education of our future generations is a high priority. In November, this decision will be in the hands of the registered voters of Archuleta County.

SUN Intern Jerica Caler is a senior at Pagosa Springs High School

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