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It’s your future, get Active now

You are a Pagosan, age 18 to 40.

You are registered to vote.

So, get off your butt and do it!

The upcoming election will be conducted by mail ballot. The county clerk will send out ballots on Oct. 11. Voting can take place from that date until Nov. 1, when ballots, either mailed or returned by hand, are due at the clerk’s office.

If you are one of the voters noted above, are you ready to vote?

Are you an “Active” voter?

Last week, The SUN printed information about the fact that, this year, “Inactive” voters (those who were registered but failed to vote in last year’s General Election), are not eligible to vote the mail-in ballot unless they rectify their status.

The county clerk has sent three notices to Inactive voters in the county, but has had few responses.

If you are Inactive and wish to vote, or you are not sure of your status, a Page 1 story in this SUN explains the process you can undertake to make sure your vote counts this year.

It is imperative that you exercise your right to vote, in this election and all to follow. Those who cast their ballots are deciding your future.

And, to be honest, a significant number of those who make it a point to vote do not particularly care about you. Despite the self-satisfied noises this type of person makes, when all is said and done, he generally does not know who you are, he does not know what you do, he does not care about your prospects or your future. He cares about protecting those things to which he believes he is entitled and he cares about spending as little as possible on anything but his own interests. He cares about his government pension, he cares about his Medicare, he cares about his Social Security. He says he cares about the community, but when the chance is at hand, he rarely wants to sacrifice his riches to it. He says he cares about the coming generations, but he does not know you. He says he cares about the costs you will have to bear in the future, but he is willing to defer costs today that you will have to meet when he is gone — at a vastly greater price.

There are many of us who like to believe, due to the fact we have been fortunate enough to live to a ripe age and have achieved a measure of social and economic success, that we are wise.

Take a hard look around and take a hard look at history: Age does not necessarily entail wisdom.

We have some useful advice to offer and we have set some instructive examples, but you need to begin to make public decisions, with your interests in mind, with the interests of your children in mind. You need to take control.

If you are 18-40 years old, you need not only to vote and speak up about your values and concerns, you need to move into the process. The country’s politics have become a sideshow, with a partisan gulf widening each day, egged on by unscrupulous media sources eager to boost profits by currying favor with naïve ideologues. The gulf, and the bankruptcy of the system and its parties, seeps down to every level in the American experience. Political parties resemble nursing home recreation rooms or warehouses for the incompetent.

You need to step up.

Take control.

There is no guarantee you will do any better than we have, but it is your time, your chance, your future.

Start by being Active, and start now.

Karl Isberg

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