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Cashing in on frustration and hitting pay dirt!

At a writer’s conference, we were asked to read something we wrote.

I read the article about my frustration with my sweet Al. You might have remembered it, Traveling with Sweet Al and checking into a posh hotel in Reno, Nevada. Everyone laughed and laughed.

An editor in the group said, “Send me one of your humorous articles for my publication.”

A broker for writers asked me to join his team of writers, also. “Your humorous articles will work for a marriage counseling magazine.”

Who would have thought I could write for a marriage counseling magazine? Make money writing about Al? About couples who fight? And get paid for it? I was about to hit pay dirt with a 300-word humorous piece.

I arrived home, kissed Al at the door. He thought I was excited to see him, and I should go away more often.

I looked him over in his camouflage. He told me about his hunting that morning. He shot and missed a ten-point buck. His good shooting eye wasn’t so good any more.

I listened to his tale of woe. Even camouflaged, Al couldn’t hide from me. Like a ravenous dog, I was drooling and licking my chops; Al was looking like pork chops to a starving writer.

I moved to the computer. He didn’t know how rich he could make me. I’d tell him later. I was counting my money in my mind, but my fingers froze to the computer.

Al looked at me with loving eyes. I felt a little guilty, but I went for it anyway. I wrote a 300-word humorous piece and hit send to both publications. They might be carrying stories about Sweet Al soon.

I know there is a bone of contention buried somewhere around here. I need a shovel. I’m digging until I hit pay dirt. I might be asking advice from a marriage counselor soon, but for now, I am going for it.

The final brushstroke: Digging up trouble can make for a great story, but it’s not necessarily good for a great marriage.

Artist’s quote: “The real measure of our wealth is how much we’d be worth if we lost all our money.” — Benjamin Jowett, English scholar.

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