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Want to vote? Make sure you are registered and ‘active’

Have an opinion on November’s ballot issues and races?

If you want your opinion to matter at the polls, be sure you are registered to vote.

October 3 is the last day to register for the Nov. 1 election, which will be held as a mail ballot coordinated election in Archuleta County, with the ballots being mailed to voters Oct. 11.

But those who have never voted in Archuleta County before are not the only ones who should take note of the following information.

According to County Clerk June Madrid, about 1,500 voters in Archuleta County chose to not vote in the 2010 election, rendering their voting status “inactive.”

The clerk’s office has sent several mailings since January to attempt to contact inactive voters, Madrid said.

Those voters who did not vote in the 2010 General Election were mailed a Continuation Card, explaining that his or her voter record had been changed to inactive. The card needed to be returned to change the voter to active status.

Madrid noted that few cards were returned and the office did not, “seem to be making much headway with all our current mailings.”

In an interview, Madrid estimated that, of the approximately 1,500 cards sent to inactive voters to reactivate their status, about 200 had been returned.

There are two ways voters can check their voter record if they are unsure of their status.

Voters can log on to If the status is inactive, there is a process available on the website that, if completed in its entirety, will send a reactivation notice to the local elections office. Information changes to a voter’s record can also be made via the website.

The local elections office can also be reached to verify voter status by calling 204-8331.

If a voter knows he or she is inactive, they can stop by the election’s office, located downstairs in the Archuleta County Courthouse, and fill out the proper form.

Once the ballots are mailed out, voters have until 7 p.m. on Election Day to mail or otherwise return the ballots to the elections office.

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