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The Rev. Carl Andrews to preach Sunday at St. Patrick’s

This Sunday, Oct. 2, The Rev. Carl Andrews, Canon to the Ordinary of the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado, will be the guest preacher at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church.

Andrews joined the staff of the Office of the Bishop in August 2010 and his primary responsibilities are to serve as the chief of staff for the Office of the Bishop, to assist the Bishop in providing pastoral care and support for the clergy and lay leadership of the diocese and to manage the administrative functions of the office.

While Andrews has deep roots here in the Diocese of Colorado, his distinguished military career took him around the country and around the world. After earning his undergraduate degree at CSU, Andrews embarked on a tour of duty as an Air Force weapons officer in Vietnam. It was in Vietnam that he began to feel called to ordained ministry, and after his return to the U.S., he went on to seminary, and was awarded a masters of divinity at Nashotah House in Wisconsin. He was ordained in 1977, and served as a curate at St. Timothy’s in Littleton, and as vicar at St. Mark’s in Craig, where he established police chaplaincy and other community programs and organizations that continue to provide vital assistance to people in need in that community. He served on several diocesan committees and commissions, including the diocesan Standing Committee, the diocesan Committee on Christian Education, and the Committee on Higher Education. He served as the United States Air Force Chaplain at Lowry Air Force Base in Denver for several years, and went on to direct chaplaincies around the country and the world. Throughout his military service, he has remained canonically resident in Colorado, and part of the clergy community here.

“We are very excited to welcome Fr. Andrews to Pagosa Springs,” said Fr. Doug Neel, rector of St. Patrick’s. “I have had numerous opportunities to become acquainted with him and have been very impressed by his leadership, his spiritual dedication, and his desire to assist parishes in our diocese to become stronger and more vital to their various communities. Personally, I also appreciate the fact that he loves to fly fish. A guy who loves to fly fish is OK in my book!”

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