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St. Patrick’s prepares for Clothing Giveaway

St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church is now receiving gently used or new clothing for the annual Clothing Giveaway, scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 22, from 8 a.m. to noon.

Particularly needed are winter clothes, coats, hats, scarves, shoes, and boots, for men, women and youth, as well as children and infants clothing. They also accept bedding, table cloths, placemats and kitchen towels.

The Clothing Giveaway is open to anyone with a tight budget who needs clothes. No questions are asked, no pre-certification is necessary. Those who come will be given a bag and invited to take whatever they need and leave the rest for others. There is always plenty to go around. Clothing will be sorted according to size, type, gender/age, and will be placed in stacks on tables in the church parish hall and library.

“Our church women have sponsored this event for many years,” says Fr. Doug Neel, rector of St. Patrick’s. “We always have hundreds of people show up and no one goes away empty handed.”

As the fall approaches and winter months are quick to follow, now is the perfect time to go through your closets and sort out the clothes you no longer wear but still have some wear left in them. Clothing can be brought to the church or to Airport Storage where there is a specially designated storage area.

“We really appreciate the generosity of the people of Pagosa,” says Fr. Doug. “Many people contribute to this special event, and many others are blessed by it.”

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