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‘The Gift’ provides unique blend of music, dance and art

Pagosa Springs Music Boosters will present “The Gift” on Saturday, Oct. 15, 7 p.m. at the high school.

The concert offers a unique blend of live music, vocals, dance and art. 

All proceeds from the concert will go to support the performing arts in local schools. 

Created by Dave McDonough, the first musical set is classically influenced — built not for speed but for comfort.  Harvey Schwartz on piano will lend his unique style and knowledge of music to the show.  Harvey and Dave have been working together for years, bringing words and music to new places.  Understanding that a musician is a storyteller, Dave weaves tales of love and hope that will leave you full of questions only you can answer.  The centerpiece of the first set will be a tribute to Edvard Grieg, a Norwegian composer, who lived from 1843–1907.  Harvey began the task of learning a body of work comprised of 66 lyric pieces written by Grieg about his life.  Upon hearing these beautiful pieces, Dave was inspired to write a body of work.  He took six pieces and wrote a “Story of Love” to complement them.  This inspired local artist Betty Slade to generate a series of seven paintings influenced by the stories.  Betty will be painting live at this performance.  The painting will be auctioned off as a “gift” to Music Boosters.  Arrive early, as Betty will have 17 of her paintings on display as well as information about the release of her new book. 

The second musical set of the evening will be a mix of jazz, blues, reggae, country and gospel.  Three Native American-influenced pieces will start the journey.  Dave Chambers (drums), Val Fulco (slide guitar), Jammer Greg (electric guitar) and Harvey Schwartz (piano) will provide the soundscape.  Dave the Poet will perform a mix of songs, poem, stories, characters and inspirational pieces.

 Dave McDonough is a performance poet who decided it was time for a change after witnessing 9/11.  He left the Fortune 500 world and began a quest that ultimately led him to writing and Pagosa Springs.  Living without TV and Internet, Dave is truly a product of his environment.  He lives in the now and takes most of his inspiration from it.  The music he hears, people he meets and the world he sees become his subject matter;  add great music and the possibilities are endless.  With over 700 original pieces to choose from, every show is different.  Spending the last several years on the road writing and performing along the way there have been many lessons learned. 

“Almost everybody I meet in Pagosa and my travels are truly wonderful people,” says Dave.” Many realize in these hard times that owning more is not the answer.  One of the true gifts of life is sharing who you are as well as what you have.  In order for a fund-raiser like this to be successful, all the artists, musicians, support team and community have to share this point of view.  In this wisdom you will truly find the gift of giving.”

 Since the show itself, as well as the skills of these veteran performers is being donated, all proceeds will go directly to Music Boosters to support the performing arts in our schools.  

As Dave says, “Ultimately that is the gift.  The power of people is in the sharing and the giving.  The power of love is me and you.” 

 Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for students and are available for purchase at the Chamber or at the door performance evening.  Doors open at 6 p.m. for gallery viewing of Betty Slade’s work before the show.  See

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