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Andrew Dahl-Bredine in concert Oct. 7 at the Center for the Arts

The Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts is proud to bring to their stage the musical talents of award-winning singer-songwriter and folk troubadour Andrew Dahl-Bredine, on Oct. 7, at 7 p.m.

Tickets for “An Evening with Andrew” are $10 in advance or $15 at the door and can be purchased by calling 731-SHOW or by visiting the website

Here, Andrew discusses his background, his songs and his music.

“I started playing music at about age 22, picking up the guitar on my travels while living in South Korea.  A friend of mine had a CD she lent me called ‘Beleza Tropical: Brazilian Classics,’ filled with songs by Brazilian legends Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, and many others.  This music, particularly that of Caetano, made me want to sing, to play guitar, and to begin to translate my poetry into songs. 

“During my early 20s, I spent a few years traveling and living in Spain, Brazil, India, South Korea, Egypt, the Middle East, Mexico and Central America.  The music I came across in those places touched my soul in a way music rarely had in my upbringing in the U.S.  The rhythms, melodies, and messages of traditional music in many of these places, as well as the popular music of Brazil, opened me up to a deeper vision of what music could be.  Poetry had for many years been a healing and magical art for me as I wandered the earth, and now I began to find ways to place these words and messages into music. 

“I began writing music in Portuguese and Spanish, inspired by my early love for the great songwriting traditions of Brazil and Latin America.  Singing and playing guitar for the southwest New Mexico band Compas brought Latin, Brazilian, African, and Middle Eastern dance rhythms and songs alive in the place that I had grown up.  From there I began playing solo, and writing dozens of songs all at once.  I came out with two albums in 2007: ‘Presente,’ a Portuguese and Spanish album of mostly original music in Afro-Brazilian, Peruvian, and other latin styles, and ‘All I Know,’a fun, mostly English-language album of all original songs in styles as varied as Afro-pop, American folk, and spoken word. 

“Two other albums, ‘Remystify’ and ‘Alone’ followed, and then in 2011 I finished my latest album called ‘Uncover the Beauty.’  Two of my songs from this last album, ‘Campfire’ and ‘Get Back,’ were entered in the 2011 Tucson Folk Festival Songwriting Contest, which I ended up winning. 

“Through my songs and music, I seek to touch a deeper place in the human experience.  This place lives within all of us, underneath the small talk and the hurrying, the masks and roles we wear on the surface; it is the place where wisdom comes from; a place where the truth can be found and spoken, and eventually hopefully lived.  Many elements of music can touch this magical place.  Rhythm can take you there, in the ancient sound and interplay of the drums ... beauty can float you there on its wings, bringing tears as a river to carry your soul ... and poetry has the power to cut through our blind spots, to call us out and remind us. carry us home for a moment, hoping that we will eventually remember the way ourselves.  

“Music is a gift, and gifts are meant to be given.  May this gift I was given successfully arrive in your hands and in your heart.  That is my wish.”  

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