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Republicans: leave the decision to the voter

The Archuleta County Republican Central Committee has decided not to take a stand on the Archuleta School District 50 Jt. ballot initiative 3B (building new schools through issuing bonds), as well as not to take a stand on two other tax initiatives facing voters this November — a county property tax increase, with revenues dedicated to roads, and a state initiative to increase income and sales tax.

ACRCC Chairman Jim Huffman described the rationale and process by which his party reached a decision to not take a stand on November’s ballot issues in the resolution released on Tuesday.

“This (the three ballot initiatives) was the primary item on the agenda,” Huffman said regarding an ACRCC meeting held last week. “We heard the pros and cons of the issues from both sides.

“In the end,” Huffman continued, “We took a vote and decided not to take an issue on any of the ballot measures.

“We’re not going to attempt to tell people how to vote on these initiatives,” Huffman said. Conceding that the ballot initiatives could have, “a major economic impact” on some area voters, Huffman said he did not believe it was in the interest of the local party to direct area Republicans on how they should cast their votes.

“We wanted voters to get away from the rhetoric heard on both sides and look at these issues on their own merits, and vote the way they felt was right,” Huffman said.

The press release issued on Tuesday is as follows:

“On September 14, 2011, the Archuleta County Republican Central Committee (ACRCC) discussed the pros and cons of the three tax initiatives that will be on this year’s ballot. Discussed were: (1) The State initiative (Prop 103) to increase income and sales tax; (2) The County’s property tax increase (Issue 1A) via a mill levy increase devoted exclusively to roads and bridges; (3) The school district’s property tax increase (Issue 3B) to fund new K-8 school buildings via a bond offering.

“By an overwhelming vote, the ACRCC voted not to take a public position on any of the three ballot issues. The ACRCC is a political organization that is dedicated to electing and supporting Republican candidates to office. However, the ACRCC believes that these tax issues are important economic issues that will certainly impact each voter in the County. The ACRCC also recognizes that these are difficult economic times and the decision to pass or reject the three ballot initiatives is better left up to the voters of Archuleta County without comment.

“One of the core principles of the Republican Party is to advocate minimum taxation and a limited government. The passage of any one of these three ballot measures will increase your taxes. The ACRCC is encouraging every voter in the County to study the issues to educate themselves as to the impact of their vote. An independent study of the proposed legislation will assist each voter in making choices based on common sense, personal economic impact and the elimination of the influence of any emotional rhetoric presented during the campaign.

“The Six Core principals of the Archuleta Republican Party can be found on the organization’s website at Once on the site click on the link Core Principles of Republicanism.

“The ACRCC encourages all to vote with this year’s mail-in ballot.

“Should you have any questions or need more information, please contact Jim Huffman, ACRCC Chairman at”

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