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Ron Radhoff to lecture on people of the inner Earth

Ron Radhoff, author, lecturer and visionary artist, will share his latest messages from the people of inner Earth on Sunday, Oct. 2, from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Pagosa Lodge.

This fascinating presentation will feature communications from evolved beings within the subterranean and hollow earth. This will include what life is like in the 5th dimension.

Ron will include such details as descriptions of the inner earth, its history, the variety of ageless beings within, their homes, free energy, foods, animals, their ecosystem, unique birth processes, advanced travel capabilities and more.

The key element will be “What their present mission is regarding us on the surface as it relates to our ascension.”

Author of “Evolving Life and Transition to the World Beyond,” Ron Radhoff is an inspirational speaker who has lectured often about our spiritual evolution, our Starseed connection, the world beyond and life on higher evolved planets.

For 38 years, Ron has connected with the angelic and celestial realms, as well as many highly evolved benevolent beings in the extraterrestrial realm and, recently, with beings in the inner earth.

Sponsored by the Institute of Light, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to assisting individuals through Earth’s transformation.

For more information, contact Mark, (970) 596-5097.

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