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Volleyball team wins one, loses one

In the last week, the Lady Pirates volleyball team have won and lost.

Last Saturday, the Lady Pirate volleyball team faced Sangre de Cristo on their home court and taught them a lesson. At the Monte Vista Tournament the week prior, Sangre beat the Pirates in five sets. The bitterness of this loss seemed to still be present in the Pirates as they took the match in three games — 25-13, 25-19, 25-7.

“They had lost so close last game; they really wanted to prove themselves this game,” assistant coach Cathy Holland said. Coach Connie O’Donnell was not at the game due to personal matters.

Saturday was the last time this season the Pirates are to play Sangre de Cristo, and they made it count.

According to Holland, the girls were relentless on defense. “They were not going to let the ball hit the floor.” The Pirates’ serving was some of the most consistent of the year. Though there are no statistics available, according to Holland the Pirates had a number of kills, digs and blocks.

During the first set, one Sangre server had three aces in a row. Instead of falling apart, Holland said the team adjusted, passed, set and slammed the ball to Sangre’s court.

In the second set, though at times the scores were tied, and at times Sangre was leading, the Pirates maintained a positive attitude.

“Serving, passing, hitting, setting looked great,” Holland said. When the bumps came, Holland said the players adjusted and played an overall smooth match.

“They had Sangre rattled by the third game,” Holland said. “These were women on a mission.”

The Pirates forged on to Tuesday night’s game against Farmington, but did not manage to win the match. The Pirates lost in three games, 16-25, 19-25, 23-25.

“Overall, the team didn’t play bad,” Coach O’Donnell said. “They had a lot of silly and fixable mistakes,” such as mixed serves and being in the net.

Junior Gabby Pajak stood out defensively, with 15 digs. “She did really well defensively. It was really exciting to see,” O’Donnell said.

Junior Megan Davey had seven assists. Senior Katie Armbrecht was the standout offensive player with eight kills.

O’Donnell said she is encouraging the team to take risks on the court, make hard plays, do jump serves.

“We need to practice it more and continue it into the game,” O’Donnell said.

During Tuesday’s game, O’Donnell said the players were getting better at running plays and setting up the hitters who deliver the most kills.

This Friday, the Pirates will host Dolores High School at 5 p.m.

Last year, the Pirates lost to Dolores in five games. O’Donnell is anxious to see if the team can turn that around this season.

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