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Grace Church to hold ‘Yard sale with a purpose’

This past June 29, willing and able volunteers from Grace Church went to Shoal Creek Valley, Ala., to help, encourage and lend a hand with cleanup and construction after the devastating EF5 tornado on April 27.

Everyone pitched in to remove debris, pull out insulation and drywall, cut up fallen trees, or work on framing, staining and painting. High on the list of fun jobs was running the jackhammers to break up concrete.

Though much was accomplished, there is much more to be done, “probably two years worth of work,” according to Chris Liverett, a local Realtor who grew up in Shoal Creek Valley. Gary and Phyllis Liverett, Chris’ parents, own Alpha Ranch, where two homes and a huge workshop were destroyed. At Alpha Ranch, Gary and Phyllis mentor a few young men at a time to learn life skills and a variety of trades.

It is the desire of Grace Church to send another team of workers back to Shoal Creek Valley to continue the rebuilding. The second follow-up construction trip is scheduled for Oct. 31-Nov. 9.

To raise funds for the trip, Grace Church is having a “Yard sale with a purpose,” on Saturday, Sept. 24, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. At the gigantic sale, 14 families will have their wares displayed at 130 and 118 Inspiration Drive, just off Cloud Cap by Lake Pagosa.

Come shop on Saturday, Sept. 24, and know that your purchases are supporting people who are helping others.

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