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Some lessons learned ... from rowing

Visiting a new neighbor and friend across the street became a major blessing as he shared his heart with me.

It was as if he could see right through me.

He said, “You look put together, but you’re not, are you?

I admitted,“No, I’m a mess. I’ve made so many mistakes, and need to get my life in order again.”

We were interrupted with a phone call from another hurting woman. He so effectively encouraged this woman, I was also blessed by the conversation.

When he got off the phone, he said, “You need to take care of business and follow God. Don’t consult anyone but God and then follow Him.”

Great advice.

He said I needed more of the lion and less of the lamb. I knew I had been harboring a victim mentality much of my life, and it needed to go.

Then he said, “You also need to be more aggressive. Here, take my fishing boat and row it across the lake.”

Little did I know, I would find many life applications while rowing that boat.

When I first began, I was fearful. Someone else had always rowed the boat for me. But I knew I had to do this, and excitedly launched the boat and took my place in it. I had rowed in whitewater, so I had some knowledge about how to steer the boat.

I rowed along, just enjoying the scenery. An otter swam right in front of me. I love otters! A beautiful heron perched on a tree began to glide in the sky above. A beautiful sight.

Soon I realized I’d rowed pretty far, and it was getting dark. I began to back paddle and found it turned the boat as planned. However, I would turn and then the wind and water would fight against me and send me back to where I started.

It reminded me of the times in my life when I tried to accomplish something for the Lord or for someone else and the opposition held me back. I decided to fight back and keep paddling until that boat finally turned around and headed the right direction.

How many times had the Lord needed to turn me around and I fought it? Was I as stubborn as this boat?

Finally, I got the boat to head straight back for my generous neighbor’s home. I focused on that goal and did not give up until I got to that lovely log home. Thank God I arrived there before dark.

I began to row to the shore, but the boat was long, and I had to get out to maneuver it and anchor it. Sometimes I’ve had to get out of the boat to make progress in life. Then I am anchored by God.

When I got into the water, my shoes got stuck in the mud, and I slipped into the water! I laughed and got out safely and immediately found my lost shoe. I was reminded of the many times I had gotten stuck in life’s difficulties and how the Lord pulled me out every time.

He is so good!

So is my friend, Peter.

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